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Fractional Marketing

Juggling everything all at once can only lead to burnout and poor performance. What if your marketing team could acquire extra, specialized support without employing them full-time? This is fractional marketing in a nutshell, but it is much more complex than that. It may significantly affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing team.


    Don't let unskilled marketers decide the entire marketing plan for your company. Hire a fractional marketing team to develop a thorough marketing strategy for your company.


    The presence of a full-time CMO on hand and a top-heavy structure is not necessary. You can get the information and data you want from a fractional marketing team without paying a large fee.


    By overseeing every facet of your company's marketing department, a ROAR CMO will reduce your workload. The fractional marketing teams serve as an executive to both suppliers and staff.

What is Fractional Marketing?

Fractional marketing is similar to outsourcing portions of your marketing whilst retaining your internal marketing team to focus on their areas of expertise. You could be aware that you lack the internal knowledge or skill set necessary to handle some areas of your marketing initiatives, or you might not be getting the ROI you were hoping for. In addition, you are aware that it is much more difficult to hire a marketing executive on a part-time basis, as the majority of the top marketing executives are already employed full-time.

Fractional marketing is similar to outsourcing portions of your marketing whilst retaining your internal marketing team to focus on their areas of expertise. You may need it because you lack the internal knowledge or skill set necessary to handle parts of your marketing program, or you may not be getting the ROI you were hoping for. Alternatively, it could be that you don’t need a marketing executive on a full time basis.

You may complete jobs or add to your marketing department with fractional marketing. You just pay a small portion of the total cost, which covers the effort and services provided. Additionally, it provides you greater freedom in deciding how much time to devote to the position.

CMOs and Fractional Marketing Leadership

A business needs marketing leadership. A chief marketing officer (CMO) frequently plays a significant role in a company’s strategic marketing plan and drives outcomes forward. Such an experienced person is well-suited to serve as the company’s primary marketing strategist.

But for startups, small firms, or even bigger organizations that currently divide this function among multiple team members, a full-time CMO may be too much. A marketing executive could drive the company’s marketing initiatives, although they could be too expensive. In some circumstances, having access to another CMO might even be helpful for a CMO to bounce ideas off of and reinforce strategy.

Fractional marketing originated as a method to provide experience to a marketing team without requiring full-time or continuing commitment. Instead, on a temporary or as-needed basis, fractional marketing professionals may direct your marketing strategy.

Benefits of Employing Fractional Marketing in your Business

What are the Responsibilities of Fractional Marketing Teams?

  • Social Media.

    An incredibly effective method for client outreach is social media. The social media team will be in charge of different social media outreach initiatives, such as sponsored social media marketing, viral campaigns, and organic engagement campaigns.

  • SEO

    To increase organic search traffic to the brand's online domains, the search engine optimization (SEO) team is in charge of enhancing on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

  • Content Creation

    Content is needed for marketing. Rarely do businesses have the personnel necessary to create the amount of content necessary for effective marketing. Whether the material is produced internally or externally, a content development team is in charge of producing the textual, audio, and media content required to carry out marketing initiatives.

  • Web Design

    The focal point of all contemporary marketing initiatives, both traditional and digital, is the website. The web design team is in charge of ensuring that all marketing initiatives point to a website that converts—converts prospects into leads, and turns leads into actual paying customers.

  • SEM

    Paid search advertising is a component of search engine marketing (SEM). While SEM will continue to play a significant and ongoing part in most marketing initiatives due to its capacity to produce immediate traffic and split-test messages, other kinds of marketing offer longer-term rewards.

  • Product Marketing

    Once you get the production planning perfect, a big portion of your marketing workload is already taken off your shoulders. To ensure that the product is the greatest possible match for its target market, the product marketer serves as the product's representative to the outside world, collecting feedback from customers and prospect data.

  • Customer Acquisition

    The marketing department's foot troops, the ones who interact directly with consumers and assume full accountability for each stage of the customer journey from discovery to closure, are the members of the customer acquisition team.

Why Use Fractional Marketing for Your Company?

One of the major difficulties that any business will have is marketing. You need a presence and publication that will generate leads for your business. You must spread the word in the most powerful way imaginable.

When it comes to how much money a marketing campaign can consume, the sky’s the limit. Any marketing budget, regardless of size, might be completely wasted without strong leadership and a solid plan.

Of course, businesses also seldom have the funds to hire a marketing director with relevant experience and staff them on a full-time basis. If you hire a skilled marketing director, they will want a six-figure pay on their own, without adding incentives and stock.

Instead of having to “purchase” a marketing director at a price they can’t afford, a business may “rent” their services from a fractional marketing director.

The part-time marketing director can assist your startup in getting the most out of the marketing tools you already have, automate what can be digitized, and set key performance indicators which will enable you to monitor your progress even after the part-time marketing director’s employment ends.

If the organization’s existing marketing director quits and a replacement is required until a full-time successor is found and recruited, an external marketing director could also serve as the organization’s interim chief marketing officer.



Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

Save time and money, expand your bandwidth, and provide someone with experience in promoting your products. With years of industry experience behind them, a fractional chief marketing officer will achieve your strategy by making decisions and managing your marketing staff.

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
Half-day Consultation Session

A few of our clients only require a more effective marketing strategy. Although the core of what we do is providing firms with ongoing services similar to those of a fractional CMO, we also offer one-time deliverables to assist your company in choosing the best marketing plan and determining what’s required for implementation.

To determine whether a half-day consultative strategy session is the correct choice for you, schedule your free strategy session with our founder.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
You will save time and money if a strategic advisor leads your marketing approach. Your financial risk will be smaller, and you’ll expand more quickly if someone with years of professional experience is in charge of your marketing staff.
To find out if a Strategic Advisor ROAR CMO is the right choice for you, schedule your no-cost strategy consultation with our founder.

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One of the biggest challenges for business owners is the intricacy of an effective marketing plan. The strain of juggling other obligations might soon exhaust you. For your benefit, we have developed a simple marketing strategy.

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