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Revamp Your Business With A Roar Fractional CMO

Our Fractional CMO agency offers exceptional assistance to companies needing a brilliant strategy and the direction and administration of this strategy to streamline their unique marketing goals.

Most CEOs and C-Suite executives juggle responsibilities and may lack the time or resources to take their business to the next level at the start-up or scale-up phase. But with unbeatable Fractional CMO services from Roar CMO, clients have the time and resources they need to grow their revenue and produce more leads.

Your Marketing Efforts Deserve To Be Backed By An Experienced Marketing Professional

Trying to juggle efficient marketing with your responsibilities as a CEO, co-founder, or C-Suite executive is a surefire way to weaken your marketing efforts. You may already have a marketing plan but lack the bandwidth to scale your business. Or you may not have a marketing team or strategy and are unsure what to do.

You need a chief marketing officer with the know-how and experience to create a foolproof growth blueprint for your marketing efforts.

You don’t have to worry about converting your marketing goals into results (at least not on your own). Let ROAR CMO streamline your marketing efforts and help you scale your business with our Fractional CMOs.


    Don't let unskilled marketers decide the overall marketing plan for your company. Engage a ROAR CMO to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business.


    By overseeing every facet of the marketing division of your business, a ROAR Fractional CMO will reduce your workload—the ROAR CMO functions as an executive to vendors and staff.


    The presence of a full-time CMO on staff and a top-heavy organization is not necessary. You can get the information you require from a ROAR CMO at a reasonable cost.

We Understand The Challenges of Poor Marketing Leadership

Every business needs a good marketing strategy. It can be the determining factor in generating good leads and increasing revenue. Businesses that don’t need a full-time CMO but need experienced planning and leadership can hire Fractional CMO services.

At ROAR CMO, we understand how it feels to miss out on opportunities due to bad marketing strategies or poor leadership. The good news is you can achieve full-time results at part-time cost by working with a good Fractional CMO.

We use our high-velocity marketing techniques, build on tried-and-true algorithms, and draw on human psychology when working with businesses and national organizations to expand your brand, create clarity, and produce results.

Our Fractional CMOs use our High-Velocity Growth Structure to:
Save time and money, expand your bandwidth, and trust someone with experience to promote your products. We are a Fractional CMO supported by years of professional experience that will implement your strategy and make the best possible decisions.
Our services have allowed customers to scale their business and spend less time working by saving them hundreds of hours of labor.

What is A Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO, also known as an outsourced chief marketing officer, is a marketing professional who aids in client development, sales growth, and business expansion. Without paying for a full-time employee, your business gains executive experience.

Many small and mid-sized businesses employ Fractional CMOS. They can be precious to businesses when hiring a full-time CMO wouldn’t make sense financially or even practically because of the standard range of issues that need to be addressed.

Having a full-time CMO makes sense almost everywhere in most industries. CMOs are experts who bring specialized knowledge in their field of expertise and responsibility to businesses’ marketing programs.

However, hiring a full-time CMO is quite expensive. A typical full-time CMO in the United States can make between $75,000 and $300,000. It’s a broad range that varies greatly depending on various factors, including location, industry, and experience, and investing in the right people is advisable.

What Roles Does A Fractional CMO Play?

Despite being an outsourced asset, a Fractional CMO is best viewed as a part-time executive that joins your management team. As a result, each company and each project will have a different role for a Fractional CMO.

No matter the position, your team should benefit from the new marketing techniques and unmatched experience that this Fractional CMO or temporary Marketing Director will bring.

An accomplished Fractional CMO works with a company’s marketing department on a part-time basis and focuses on the following:

With your help, ROAR CMO’s fractional CMOs provide strategic insights, craft your brand image, and manage promotional transitions that will put and keep you at the top of today’s saturated market.

To create innovative and effective marketing strategies that can propel growth for your company, they integrate with your managerial team and work to understand your company’s goals. They can turn your workforce into a lead generation machine that boosts sales with years of experience managing and grooming marketing talent.

Our skilled specialists are more cost-effective than a marketing agency or full-time CMO because they are accessible for fractional commitments. And they deliver to a high standard.

Why work with a Fractional CMO?

Most businesses stand to gain from exceptional marketing leadership, but finding the right mix of skills and competency can be challenging. Additionally, the ability to hire a competent full-time marketing executive may discourage you from hiring a Fractional CMO.

However, it may be just what you need, considering that the average duration of a full-time CMO nowadays is only 30 months.

  • Fractional CMOs are Becoming Increasingly Popular

    Chief Marketing Officer positions have historically caused CEOs problems due to executives having the highest turnover rates. The typical tenure of an in-house CMO is short lived, and startlingly, 80% of CEOs lack confidence in or disapprove of their CMOs.

    Due to these difficulties, businesses frequently experience CMO vacancies and may decide to do away with the position altogether or not even create it at all. However, businesses still need reliable marketing leadership when marketing and technology have become incredibly complex while offering enormous prospects for development and ROI.

  • Fractional CMOs are The Ideal Fit For Many Businesses

    Fractional CMOs can easily fit your marketing needs since they work contractually rather than full-time. Hiring a fractional CMO gives businesses access to top marketing leaders that offer world-class marketing and branding strategies and oversee daily operations.

    While a Fractional CMO is a marketing leader, they are not responsible for the expenses of filling an executive role that is already characterized by a high attrition rate.

How To Know When Your Business Requires A Fractional CMO

The fact that you’re here already means that you may be interested in a Fractional CMO service. Every business has unique marketing plans. But no matter what your plans are, they most likely include:

All businesses typically need marketing objectives like these. But no matter how noble the marketing objectives are, they are only as effective as the marketing management and leadership.

Fractional CMOs are crucial, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. You can get the same results from hiring a Fractional CMO as you can from a full-time CMO. The best part is that you can save significant money in the process.

So how do you know if you need to hire a Fractional CMO?

— Early Stage Start-ups

Start-ups in their early stages require direction and market-goal execution. Growth is necessary for start-ups, and it must happen quickly. You may have a small staff and limited marketing, but marketing is essential to achieving your growth objectives.

A fractional CMO or part-time CMO is ideal in situations like these, especially if they also hire part-time marketing teams.

— Tight Marketing Budget, Uncertainty, or Financial Constraints

Having a tight marketing budget and facing financial instability is nothing new, especially for start-ups, expanding companies, and small firms. The natural reaction of a business is to tighten its belt and reduce spending when finances are tight, and the demand to bring in more revenue is growing.

However, investing less in marketing may not always be wise. You may need to increase your marketing efforts, and employing a full-time CMO doesn’t work well in this situation.

When marketing funds are limited, a fractional CMO can help your business maximize its digital marketing efforts. Not only are Fractional CMOs less expensive than full-time CMOs, but they also have no long-term commitment and know how to maximize the ROI from your marketing spend.

— Established Businesses Without A Skilled Marketing Department

Some businesses choose not to hire a CMO, mainly if their brand is already well-known and was created before today’s complex marketing and digital ecosystem. A fractional CMO can help forward-thinking businesses that seek to create a foundation for sustainable, long-term success, including SaaS, real estate, and online/digital businesses.

— Businesses That Require a High-Level Marketing Strategy

Sometimes it’s not about the money. In some small and developing organizations, marketing attempts can be haphazard if they don’t follow a clear strategy. This situation may occur when the marketing strategy is guided by numerous individuals or by inexperienced marketers.

A high-level marketing strategy directed by an outsourced CMO can give your business the push it needs. A skilled fractional CMO is familiar with developing plans, allocating budgets, supervising marketing teams, and performing the necessary research to determine the effectiveness of their efforts.

We do not mean to criticize the person in charge of your marketing. Instead, we recommend hiring someone with the necessary expertise. Your firm deserves a marketing expert with what it takes to scale your business.

— Businesses That Need Tactical Marketing Acumen or Provisional Leadership

A fractional CMO can relieve a business needing interim professional leadership or expert reviews and recommendations in various marketing areas.

A fractional CMO will be beneficial if a company lacks a good strategy or visibility over its marketing initiatives. To help CEOs make more informed business decisions, the CMO delivers the experience needed to develop a plan and sets up the procedures to implement and monitor marketing efforts.

— Businesses That Need A New Marketing Perspective

We all know that the world today is ever-changing. Only businesses that can adjust to trends and stay innovative will remain on top.

After some time, your marketing strategy may cease to be effective, and you will need a marketing team that knows what to do to give you a competitive edge.

While a full-time CMO can make the necessary adjustments, your company benefits from the fresh perspective that a part-time CMO can offer. They are in a position to assess your marketing from a new perspective and contribute innovative suggestions.

At ROAR CMO, our viewpoint is shaped by the various businesses and sectors we have worked in, keeping all our concepts current and on topic.

What's Your Plan Now?

What’s your marketing plan from this point forward? Will you stick to the same routine, or will you take the right step towards boosting your brand and scaling your business?

Your answer will depend on who you entrust with your marketing goals. But, if you are looking to transform your marketing team, or create a strong team that is KPI-driven and result-oriented, then you are in the right place.

You no longer have to make marketing efforts that are not worth the investment. Now that you’ve found us, you can take the first step toward streamlining your marketing efforts. We can make every shot count.

All indications suggest that you will benefit from hiring a fractional CMO this year. Whether your business needs to stretch its marketing resources, wants more high-level guidance, needs more organizational and financial flexibility, or needs a new set of eyes on its marketing strategy, we have your back.

Our Services

A KPI-Driven Fractional Chief Marketing Officer For Your Organization

High-impact services that advance your company’s success!

ROAR Fractional CMO: Engaged

Save time and money, expand your bandwidth, and give someone with experience promoting your products. A Fractional ROAR CMO, supported by years of professional experience, will implement your strategy by making decisions and managing your marketing staff.

Schedule your no-cost strategy consultation with our founder to determine whether an Engaged ROAR CMO fits you best.


Some of our clients only require a more effective marketing strategy. Although the core of what we offer is providing firms with continuing services similar to those of a fractional CMO, we also offer one-time deliverables to assist your company in choosing the best marketing plans and determining what we require for implementation.

Schedule a free strategy session with our founder to determine whether a half-day consultative strategy session is the correct choice for you.


You will save time and money if a strategic advisor leads your marketing approach. Your financial risk will be lower, and you’ll expand more quickly if someone with years of professional experience is in charge of your marketing staff.

Schedule your no-cost strategy consultation with our founder to find out if a Strategic Advisor ROAR CMO is the perfect choice for you.

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